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Barrel Cuisine

We steam, bake, grill and smoke local foods in our French Oak Pinot Noir Barrel Cookers at The Stoaker Room Bistro and Bar, right in the heart of Central Otago.

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What is a Stoaker?

The Stoaker is a versatile cooking system in a rustic converted wine barrel. Designed for natural ingredients, oak and steam combine to create delicious feasts, made for sharing.

It fits in a unique space within the outdoor cooking category. Though it has similar functions to a BBQ, it isn’t just a BBQ, grill or oven, nor is it just a smoker. It combines all of these cooking techniques into a versatile system that delivers a unique style of food.

Whether in the city or the country, we bring the wild to your backyard, harnessing nature to create simple fine food, made for sharing. We call it “Barrel Cuisine”.

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